Reports have it that Rev. Fr. Polycarp Ebuka of the Catholic Diocese of Yola, Nigeria, who was ordained few weeks ago is the youngest Catholic Priest in Nigeria and Africa at large.

Investigation is still ongoing for his name to be entered in Guinness Book of Records as the World Youngest Catholic Priest.

There is no gainsaying that it is always good when you discover your vocation. It feels interestingly better when you discover it and embrace it in your young and youthful age.

I pray that may the light of God keep shining on our pathways as Discern what God wants us to do and whom He wants us to be. Amen!

You are a priest forever in the order of Melchizedek. Congratulations Padre.

According to a friend, Monday Yakubu Kuratam the youngest priest exactly 24 years old on his day of ordination.

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