W-Contest $15,000 + 550M W-Coin

πŸ“Ή Create content and Earn TON, SOL or ETH + W-Coin!

πŸ‘‹ Welcome to the W-Contest! Discover everything about W-Coin and help us forge a remarkable future!

πŸ“” Contest Categories:

β€’ Video β€’ Threads β€’ Memes β€’ Artwork β€’ Songs β€’ etc.

In our contest, you can create anything from graffiti and tattoos to poems and newspaper articles – we welcome imagination and creativity. We don’t care how many followers you have; it’s the idea that matters, so let’s brainstorm!πŸš€

πŸ† Prizes:

We will select high-quality content to share across the W-Community, boosting your visibility to millions and distributing a total of approximately $15,000 in prizes. Additionally, we will mention the winners, ensuring that creators don’t remain in the shadows.

πŸ’Έ $15,000 + 550M W-Coin the winners will be divided in the following order

β€’ πŸ₯‡ First place: $3000 + 100M W-Coin

β€’ πŸ₯ˆ Second place: $2000 + 50M W-Coin

β€’ πŸ₯‰ Third place: $1000 + 20M W-Coin

β€’ 4 – 10th places – $450 + 10M W-Coin

β€’ 11 – 50th places – $100 + 5M W-Coin

β€’ 51 – 100th places – $40 + 2M W-Coin

⛳️ How to Participate

  1. Make a video, thread, post, song, draw, or any other cool things about W-Coin.
  2. Share content on social media with tags #wcoin, #wcoincontest.
  3. Subscribe to W-Community.
  4. Complete the participation form
  5. Follow our X and retweet our contest post.
  6. Play W-Coin

πŸ’‘ Tips:

  1. Views are important, but quality and creativity also matter!
  2. Platforms are not limited toΒ YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, VK, Telegram Channel, Medium, Facebook, etc.
  3. Besides English, we encourage you to create videos in your local language, like Spanish, Russian, French, Ukrainian, German, Indonesian, Hindi, Arabic, Persian, Vietnamese, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, etc. We celebrate diverse perspectives!

🎬 Start: June 15, 19:00 (UTC)

🏁 End: July 7th, 15:00 (UTC).

Good Luck, Mates! 🫡🏻

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