Why do musicians die young? From America to Europe to Africa, the news is always the same. Only few of them die at a good old age while a larger percentage of them dies before 60.

We have movie superstars, soccer superstars, basketball superstars, MotoGP superstars, circling superstars , Wrestling Superstars and boxing legends but you hardly see them die young. But music superstars dies before reaching age 60. Why?

It seems managing stardom is usually difficult for musicians. Some of them destroys themselves by themselves by consuming harmful substances that are very dangerous to their mental health. There is no genuine reason for taking cocaine and other forms of meth even if you were billed to perform in the presence of one million audience. Your passion for the music you are singing should be your energizer on stage and not cocaine.

We all remembered how Michael Jackson died and how drug overdose contributed to his demise. Whitney Houston died in a hotel bathtub due to cocaine intake. Even her daughter, the only child she had died same way. Drugs also contributed to the early death of DMX. Just yesterday, the world was shocked with the sad news of Sinead O’Connor’s death. She was an Irish famous singer who also lost his 17yr old boy that committed suicide few years ago. Right here in Nigeria, we lost Majek Fashek to the cold hands of death whom illicit drug intakes contributed to his demise. Till today, we have not been able to find his replacement in Nigeria.

Why should fame leads you to your early grave instead of leading you to longevity? Why should taking illicit drugs be your priorities when you have been blessed financially and well equipped to set up an NGO that would specialize in pulling out drug addicts from the city slums? Why consuming what you supposed to start campaigning against, using your platform to reach out to the frustrated youths who took to drugs due to frustrations? Can’t you see that you are not a good role model to millions of youths around the world looking up to you as their role models?

Illicit drug consumptions among music superstars is very much real despite the fact that they knows the dangers of taking such illicit substances. How can your breakthrough in music leads you to rough life instead of leading you to good life? I am not judging the dead, but I am trying to draw the attention of the living towards a common enemy of music superstars which is illicit drugs intake.

I am asking these questions because I am a musician too although not yet unveiled to the world. Many musicians started very early in life but has left the world before reaching age 60 due to their failures to properly manage their success. Young superstars has always been unable to manage fame and wealth due to youthful exorbitant. So I believe those of us starting at age 40 who has passed unmanageable youthful age probably might reach age 90 before bowing.

RIP to all the music legends who has passed away albeit untimely. May their souls continue to rest in the Bossom of God.


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