Barcelona have rejected an “erroneous” report that revealed the salaries of Sergio Busquets, Jordi Alba and Gerard Pique.

Catalan TV presenter Lluis Canut said Gerard Pique was Barca’s top earner but the defender hit out at the claim on social media and responded with a screenshot of his online banking account; Barcelona said the presenter was “improper, unprofessional, and acting in bad faith”

Catalan television presenter Lluis Canut said on TV3 Pique is the club’s top earner with yearly earnings of €30m (£25m), while Alba is on €23m (£19m) and Busquets on €20m (£16.7m).


The trio all took wage cuts at the start of the season to help Barca deal with their financial difficulties but Canut claimed these were deferrals and not reductions.


On Friday, Pique published a screenshot of his online banking on social media, appearing to claim that 50 per cent of his annual earnings amount to €2.3m (£1.9m).


Alongside the screenshot, he tweeted: “People like this are paid by public television to defend their friends. Here you have 50% of my salary as of 30 December. Respect yourself a little.”

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