Earlier this summer, Facebook announced that they have partnered with Distrokid & Tunecore to distribute directly to their music libraries! This means it has become 100x easier to get your music onto Instagram Stories and Reels. Naturally, I had to blog about this!

Facebook recently released a new tool for indie artists to share their music in a much easier way. The social media giant announced their partnering with TuneCore and Distrokid early this summer. Cyber PR discusses what this means for indie artists and what the new partnership entails.

This new partnership called the Indie Artist Program began June 16, 2021. Facebook is using TuneCore and Distrokid to help artists get their music uploaded at no additional cost to them. Although Facebook already has contracts drafted with major labels, this new deal is created to help unaffiliated artists. This program covers Instagram Reels, Stories, and everywhere that Facebook uses music. Artists need to have an account with TuneCore or Distrokid in order to use this program. Whenever their music is played on Facebook or Instagram, artists will get royalties through these 3rd parties.

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