Our Son Not Involved In Oromoni’s Death – Buruji Kashamu’s Family

The family of Buruji Kashamu, the late senator, has dismissed claims that Adewale Kashamu, son of the deceased, had a hand in the death of Sylvester Oromoni Jnr. Oromoni, the 12-year-old student of Dowen College, died a few days ago after he was allegedly attacked by “some senior colleagues” for refusing to join a cult group.

The student was said to have mentioned the lawmaker’s son alongside four other students before he died. But in a statement signed by Mutairu Kashamu, Adewale’s family said he did not beat or bully Oromoni as alleged.

According to the family, Adewale knew Oromoni in his first session at the college during which he served as his school father as requested by the late boy’s sister, who happens to be a student of the school.

The family said Adewale’s interaction with Oromoni reduced in the 2021 academic session after he was moved to a different floor in the boarding house. It said Adewale was not aware of the alleged beating of the deceased that eventually led to his death. The family added that their son saw Oromoni earlier in November limping.

The statement said Adewale thought that he was injured while playing football and advised him to visit the school’s clinic.

It also claimed that other students who knew about Oromoni’s leg injury testified that he was injured during a football session with his colleagues.

The family also said its initial delay on the incident was to enable it to conduct a proper check before reacting to the “insults” coming the family’s way since news of Oromoni’s death.

“Since the news of the unfortunate incident broke, we have made our own private enquiries and carefully questioned our son about his involvement,” the statement read. “This is why we did not rush out to respond to the cyber-stalking, name-calling and negative commentaries that have taken over the social media about our son’s alleged involvement in this sad incident.”

The family enjoined the public to await the outcome of investigations by the Lagos state government and the police before arriving at a conclusion on what led to Oromoni’s death.


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