Hero Boy Is Related To Mic Iyke

Is Hero Boy Related To Mic Iyke? 

The answer is, YES. Uwakwe Odinakachi John who is popularly known as Hero Boy is the real relative of Uwakwe Ikechi Michael who is popularly known as Mic Iyke, the famous entertainer, intrapreneur, a programmer and the CEO of High Max Records. Hero Boy in the other side manage to carve his way into music industry without giving up his dreams as an artist has released many singles in which are: Babe Make We Waka featuring his brother Mic Iyke and Show Me Love featuring Mr Willi J and so on. We work on this article based on the rumors, resemblance and surname if our guess is not correct please pardon us but I hope our guess is accurate based on our research and a recent interview with hero boy but clearly is stands to be correct well we will update you for  our recent finding on this rumours and gossip on the table.

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