Police uncover fake drugs factory, arrest 4 in Lagos.

POLICE BURST FAKE DRUG FACTORY IN Ikotun Lagos..this video will make you think twice before you swallow the next pill. According to the news by Channels TV…an illegal drug factory which have been in operation for over 4 years have finally been bursted by the police . they produce Domiquine and other drugs from a mixture of powered chemicals inside an uncompleted building..and sell to their distributors who now circulate it to the unsuspecting consumers . The brain behind this illegal scheme is Emeka who is a secondary school drop-out… he claims a late friend thought him the trade of producing these fake drugs. DCP Jimoh Moshud (PRO) Warns Nigerians to buy drugs only from pharmaceutical sources. Emeka and his three assistants are now in Police custody. please what are you thoughts on this?

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