You are in the city claiming big boy, but you have never attended meeting Umunna. The day you will go there and dare take meat before your senior, you will know that your village people have power.

This meat does not respect big man, it does not know professor, it does not respect title, the only language it understands is AGE. Even if you are the richest man in the world, you must wait for your age mates. Chai! Ndi Umunna di very powerful.

Everybody stand according to your age. If you make a mistake and dive meat before your senior (even if he is your senior with just one minute), you will dance to the tune of Umunna.

That is where we are taught humility and to respect our elders. Today, everybody is running away from the village meeting so that they will not kill you, and that is how respect for elders is gradually fizzling out.

?m?nna emego g? ihe mb??
No try them ooo
Igbo Amaka nwanne

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