Seye Adetunmbi is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Stockbrokers and the Convener of Capital Market Roundtable in Nigeria.

He started his working career in the capital market in 1990 as a Corporate Finance Executive after his MBA programme. For over 27 years he worked with various financial intermediary and banking service providers until he established Value Investing Limited in 2008 as the Chief Responsibility Officer. As a consummate investment banker, tested stockbroker and integrated financial market practitioner, he worked at various times as a consultant to DFID, PYXERA Global, few state governments in Nigeria and a number of other multilateral agencies.

He has strong passion for writing and has over 120 published articles on a wide range of subjects not limited to the financial market, development economics, politics, biographies, ethics, culture and tradition. As at 2020, he has over six book titles to his credit. He established Mindscope Africa as a publishing company in 2012 towards building an economy around his passion. His published books include:

1. Christianity and Anglicanism: A Handbook for Believers in Christian Faith – September 2020

2. Financial Intermediation: Operations and Practice – A Guidebook for Operators and Practitioners – July 2020

3. The School: A Compendium on Christ’s School Ado-Ekiti 1933-2020

4. Mindset: Multi-dimensional Structured Thoughts and Integrated Perspectives – Revised Edition 2020

5. The Apostle of Harmony: Biography of Chief D.O. Adetunmbi – 2018

6. Ekitipanupo: Legacy Book of an Indigenous Intellectual Roundtable – 2015

7. Like He That Serveth: Biography of Venerable L. L. Eso – 2015

8. In Deed and In Truth: A Special Publication on Christ’s School, Ado-Ekiti at 80 – 2013

9. Typical Yoruba Community: Research Work of Chief D.O. Adetunmbi on Ifaki-Ekiti – 2018

10. Speeches From The Throne: Selected Messages of Oba Adetunla Adeleye II – 2008

In 2005, he convened Ekitipanupo Forum, an indigenous intellectual roundtable for the socio-economic and political emancipation of his kinsmen in Ekiti-State of Nigeria.

Seye was born on July 21st 1962 in Ifaki-Ekiti as the fifth child and the third son of his parents, Chief David Opeyemi Adetunmbi (1919-1990 and Chief Mrs Comfort Modupe Adetunmbi (1931-2017).

He is a product of Christ’s School Ado-Ekiti, University of Ilorin and University of Lagos and holds B. Sc. Hons Geography, Postgraduate Diploma in Economics and Master of Business Administration.

He holds two chieftaincy titles from Ikole-Ekiti in 2007 and Ifisin-Ekiti in 2011. Seye Adetunmbi is married to Mrs Olabowale Adetunmbi, an Attorney at Law and the matrimony is blessed with four wonderful children – Madiba, Dara, Semilore and Bowo. The patrician chief is a keen church man, an Altar Server and a Lay Reader in the Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion.

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